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In order to register you need to live within a certain distance of our practice – please call us if you wish to confirm that you live within our ‘practice area’. If you live outside this area, your registration may be rejected.  If you are a UAL student and wish to register with the practice you must reside in the borough of Lambeth, Lewisham or Southwark.

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We will contact you to acknowledge receipt of your registration. The first time you attend the practice for an appointment we will need to ask you to complete a brief form and provide us with proof of identity.

Please note that we cannot currently accept registrations for children online. You need to be over 16 to use this service. Children are very welcome to register with us, but a parent or guardian needs to visit the practice to complete the form in person

As a security measure all information provided on this form will be sent as a secure, encrypted email.

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